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X-BTC   Very Good

18.11.18 21:00 Account Receive +7210.5 Received Payment 7210.5 USD from account U17623339 to account U1***458. Batch: 236451173. Memo: API Payment.

Luxearn   Very Good

Transaction Details Date 2018-11-18 10:55:17 PM Amount 0.00262633 Processor Bitcoin Account : 1NUSPfedD9qTuhqXn8dNf3bxM6zyGpkL31 Batch : f00dba117d346af174055d3652e2ba9ba9d71d4bd4fc690cdc5209d3676756c3

Luxearn   Very Good

04:21 17.11.18 Receive 236252566 U1629866 Account +8.96

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Admin send payment into my account today. this is best paying HYIP around.The amount of 63.88 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U17623339->U36^^^^^. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to mick from X-BTC Date: 07:20 18.11.2018 Batch:

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$5.41 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1PHUTmfw1SCtA7ePhxb6Efxd9SbMFFpsCd. Transaction batch is 84c1dc8a549780e8d2c6ddb875481eba885959983543d6a382a2b3652b021b58

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I got payment: The amount of 6.80 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Account: ->U2027***. Memo:API Payment. Date: 02:16 15.11.18. Batch: 236238709

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Got paid. Good program. Thanks admin 17.11.18 03:28 Account Receive +$7.82 USD to account U19805**. Batch: 236122710

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17.11.18 21:46 Account Receive +4095 Received Payment 4095 USD from account U17623339 to account U10***666. Batch: 236342082. Memo: API Payment.

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17.11.18 11:27 Account Receive +731.25 Received Payment 731.25 USD from account U17623339 to account U10***666. Batch: 236285858. Memo: API Payment.

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World Wide best investment I have found, Cheers! The amount of 715.8 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U17623339->U*****. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to jin from X-BTC Date: 01:24 17.11.2018 Batch: 237327198.

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Lifetime: 22 days
  • Our Investment: $0.00
  • Min/Max: $0.005BTC / $No Limit
  • Withdrawal: Manual
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  • Bitcoin
  • Monitored: 22 days
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BitAeon description:
BitAeon is a next generation investment platform that combines all of the most popular earning options together in one place. In addition to the classic Forex trading and currency exchange we are utilizing the powers offered by Blockchain and Crowdfunding. Blockchain is the main force behind the latest innovations in the world and has created many new industries that we all can benefit from. It presents nearly limitless possibilities for developers to create applications, financial instruments and other decentralized services. Thanks to Blockchain, never before seen businesses are thriving and taking over the world. Gathering funds via Crowdfunding has become a standard entrepreneurship practice and has helped thousands of companies to start their business. And with all these advances there is money to be made.

Our main goals is to make these investment markets accessible to everyone. In order to earn from investing in Blockchain you need to have a well developed base of knowledge. It takes a long time to master and the majority simply can not afford to do so. Even those who try often fail due to the complexity of these new technologies. That is where we come in and offer our services. We offer to take care of the hard part of the investment management, risk evaluation and leave you with the most enjoyable one – profiting. Our clients can enjoy the benefits from diverse investment portfolios in a simple and unified interface with our investment package.
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